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Article: Springing into Style: Refresh Your Home with Seasonal Trends

Springing into Style Daybed nook with Spring Green Floral and Stripe Fabrics

Springing into Style: Refresh Your Home with Seasonal Trends

Spring is such an exciting time of year, as the seeds of summer are in full bloom, with fresh colors, light textures and the promise of stunning mediterranean vacation vibes all over. This feeling is brought out in interior design as well. We start seeing images of specially curated vacation homes in exotic far away places, bringing alive new textile patterns, color combinations and building styles. YOu know when you get that feeling that it's just time to rearrange your closet, putting away heavy sweaters, darker colors, long sleeve shirts, switching it all out for dressers, short sleeves and strappy shoes. Many people (do you follow designer Penelope Bianchi of McCormick Interiors change the covers of their furniture with the different seasons, which is such a fun way to change the whole vibe of your space with just the switch of a cover!. Go from heavier, darker velvets to lighter, brighter linens in a matter of minutes. 


Explore these exciting spring collections:

Springing into Style Mint Green Fabric Swatch with Flowers Romo's Toulin Elsi Agate Collection.png

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